Customer Experience and accountability

Craft an unforgettable customer experience while driving accountability

Ever struggled with anxious customers unsure about project progress? Or faced delays because you were blocked by customers? Well, not anymore! With Rocketlane, it is just seamless collaboration and timely delivery.

Why Rocketlane

Make an ally out of your customer

Bring teams, partners, and clients together for real-time collaboration. Review docs together, collect info through forms, and get approvals effortlessly.

Accountability and speed

Set clear expectations and hold customers accountable. Highlight critical tasks and approvals for faster delivery. Achieve great outcomes together

Consistency and communication

Standardize processes across all projects, maintaining your brand's integrity. Keep your customers well-informed through context-rich updates, whether via email, Slack, or project updates.

Create lifetime subscribers and repeat customer

Deliver exceptional customer experiences that leave a lasting impression. Become their go-to partner.

Craft a customer-centric universe

Your brand, your rules. Rocketlane's robust portal allows you to customize every aspect to mirror your brand's identity. Build a gateway that's super easy to start, providing complete visibility and fostering collaboration on projects.

Find customers where they are

With Rocketlane, communication knows no bounds. Reach your customers through projects, email, or Slack. We bring your communication under one roof, so you can build bridges, not barriers.

Partnership and accountability, redefined

Accountability is no longer a one-way road. Rocketlane provides automated reminders about approvals, and transparent status tracking to unlock a proactive collaboration. Your customers unblock you; you unlock success.

Craft a thoughtful and seamless experience every step of the way

Interactive project walk-throughs in a click

Impress your customers with interactive walkthroughs of your onboarding plan. With Rocketlane, win their confidence from the get-go.

Visibility into plans, updates, and goals

Foster a culture of transparency that keeps everyone engaged. Make the journey not just a process but a shared vision. With Rocketlane, the experience is outcome-driven and perfectly aligned.

Communication and collaboration

Rocketlane takes collaboration to new heights. Work live on tasks, plans, documents, and updates, all while chatting in real-time. A unified workspace where ideas flow.

Easy access to progress and updates

With Rocketlane, your customers are never in the dark. Provide instant access to crucial information, keeping everyone on the path and minimizing project risks.

Reach customers where they are

Your customers' portal, email, or Slack - Rocketlane transcends boundaries. Leverage actionable emails and rich Slack messages for effortless interactions. Connectivity has never been so seamless.

Faster delivery

Time is of the essence. With Rocketlane, ensure that every task meets its mark, every milestone is celebrated, and value is delivered faster. Hold yourselves accountable, and watch success unfold.

CSAT surveys

Tune into your customers' sentiments during project delivery. With Rocketlane's CSAT surveys, hit milestones and adapt on the fly. Your pulse on customer satisfaction.

What success looks like with Rocketlane

15% reduction in completion timelines

From the very beginning, the team seemed to understand the needs of the CS and Professional Services industry. Rocketlane has helped us reduce time-to-value by at least 15%.

Sabina Pons

Operating Partner, Growth Molecules

70% reduction in customer go-live time

Our customers are more involved than ever. Rocketlane’s customer portal gives them real-time visibility into the status of their onboarding project. They can complete tasks on time because they know exactly what they need to do and also hit us up instantly via built-in chat to communicate more effectively.

Becca Weiss

Sr. Director of CS and Implementations,

20% increase in TTV

We see a really massive improvement in the number of accounts an implementation manager handles pre-Rocketlane and post-Rocketlane. In a short space of just two months, we’ve been able to accelerate time-to-value for our customers by 20%!

Céline Caux

Director - Professional Services,

3X improvement in CSAT scores

We work with big enterprises who’ve seen hundreds of vendors like us. Rocketlane has helped us be significantly different from our competitors through the onboarding experience we are able to offer our customers.

Gokul Ganapathi

Co-founder & CEO, Botminds

Move your service delivery into the fast lane

Deliver projects on time and on budget. Collaborate with your team, partners, and customers. Without scope creep, stress, or missed goals.