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Are the complexities of your fintech implementation costing you?

Customers can get overwhelmed by the complexities of implementing a new fintech platform. With Rocketlane, you can deliver a friction-free implementation journey that inspires confidence in your new customers.

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Mint priceless customer relationships with delightful implementation journeys

Rocketlane helps your customer-facing teams deliver an implementation experience that is worthy of your modern fintech platform
Reduce the friction in fintech adoption

Sharing complex data sets, building custom integrations, etc. can overwhelm customers. You need a tool that puts your customers at ease to navigate the complexities of fintech adoption.

Chart unique implementation roadmaps

Each customer presents different challenges and opportunities. Your team needs a platform that lets them craft implementation journeys tailor-made for every customers’ unique needs.

Become the chosen fintech provider

As your customers’ needs scale in complexity, you can cross-sell more offerings. A rock-solid implementation experience makes future expansion conversations a lot easier.

Scale your services org with precision

As your Professional Services (PS) team scales, they will need visibility into resource bandwidth, role requirements, and insights to drive hiring decisions to expand the team.

Why Customers Love Rocketlane

Rocketlane saves us hundreds of hours. Our customers are very appreciative of how transparent the onboarding process is for them. Seeing the whole outline of the journey laid out for them helps our customers to build trust with us.

Connie Lee

Strategy and Ops


Hours saved every month

Prior to Rocketlane, project timelines were very uncertain. It would take anywhere between 8-10 weeks to complete the implementation process for a customer. With Rocketlane, the time has come down to 4-6 weeks.

Adrianna Hardin

Director, Professional Services


Improvement in project duration

When I look at the number of accounts an implementation manager could easily manage pre-Rocketlane and post-Rocketlane, we can see a really massive improvement there. Within two months, we’ve been able to accelerate time-to-value for our customers by 20%!

Céline Caux

Director, Professional Services


Improvement in time-to-value

Rocketlane is shifting our customer onboarding experience into high gear; taking us from just task management to strategic delivery partner with greater visibility and collaboration on project activities, ultimately driving up CSAT.

Robert Block

Global VP, Professional Services


Increase in average CSAT ratings

consistency and Productivity

Get a headstart
on every project

Take the heavy lifting out of day-to-day project execution with Rocketlane’s advanced templating capabilities. Be it project plans, documents, forms, or status updates - create once, and reuse them any number of times.

Templatize project plans

Set up project templates for different customer types, and save hours for your team every week. With reusable templates, you can create a project plan with phases, milestones, tasks, boilerplate documents, and forms in just a few clicks.

Craft bespoke workflows

Use customer attributes to trigger custom execution pathways with Dynamic Templates. You can automate the creation of phases, tasks, forms, et al based on conditional logic. This means you can create customized project plans for a wide spectrum of customers on the fly.

Enhance your productivity

Codify the context of your customer’s fintech implementation into reusable task templates, and fast track your way to implementing additional modules. Merge multiple templates to create the perfect project plan to accelerate every expansion conversation.

customer experience

Create an engaging customer experience

With an easy-to-access, self-serve customer portal, Rocketlane helps you deliver on customer-centricity. Make customers feel invested in their implementation journey for a delightful project delivery experience.

Keep customers accountable

Your customers need to do their share of the heavy lifting in implementing a SaaS platform. With the Rocketlane Customer Portal, customers know what tasks they need to complete, which documents they need to share, and what approvals are pending on them.

Simplify customer collaboration

Have real-time discussions with your customers around tasks and projects on Chat, share-edit-upload documents using Spaces, and collect all the necessary information and approvals with built-in forms. Make sure every implementation project keeps rolling along smoothly.

Communicate with clarity

Share status updates summarizing what you accomplished, send timely reminders about task deadlines, and standardize your communication with templates. In addition to that, you can push project updates directly to your customers’ Slack workspace with our native integration.


Optimize your resource utilization

Get complete visibility into resource availability and team bandwidth. Plan your project timelines and resource requirements accurately.

Understand team bandwidth

Get to know who on your team is available to take on projects, who is occupied, and when they will be available. Make the most of your available resources, and avoid burn out for your team members!

Predict resource requirements

Understand the demand for different roles from projects across your pipeline, and predict when you are likely to face a resource crunch. Use these insights to make accurate hiring decisions ahead of time.

See how your team spends time

Find out where your team spends their time - Are they executing billable tasks on customer projects? Are administrative tasks eating into their bandwidth? Analyse time sheets and take corrective measures on time.

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