Business IQ

Unlock real-time, actionable insights with Business IQ

End spreadsheet chaos! Business IQ consolidates project insights, financials, utilization, and customer feedback for a complete 360° view of your business.

Customize reports and 
dashboards in a jiffy

Say goodbye to the days of scrambling for data at month's end, or performing endless vlookups. Effortlessly consolidate all your crucial reports in a one place, and track metrics that drive outcomes!

Tailor reports to fit your business needs

Derive insights and spot trends that once felt out of reach, by bringing together data from across projects, people, time, and finances.

Create custom dashboards for your team

Whether it's giving the leadership a high-level view or your team detailed updates, Rocketlane’s dashboards adapts to all business levels.

Steer your projects towards maximum profitability

Gain real-time visibility into profit margins across your project portfolio with Rocketlane’s portfolio reports. By unifying your projects, people, time, and finances, portfolio report provides you with an accurate picture of your current financial status and forecasts future revenue and costs.

Uncover insights for maximizing profits, and ensure that every project is optimized for maximum profitability.

Pave the way for faster time-to-value

Gain a bird's eye view of your entire project portfolio and monitor the progress of each project in real time.

Rocketlane's Interval IQ enables you to track your pacing for each project, identifying which ones are on track and which ones are veering off course. Armed with these insights, you can now fine-tune your processes, ensuring your time-to-value skyrockets over time.

Monitor and optimize your team’s utilization

Analyze trends in your team’s utilization rates, and align your resources with project demands. The utilization report offers a clear, concise categorization of time spent, helping you quickly identify issues and prioritize efforts on billable and productive tasks.

With real-time visibility into your team's bandwidth, Rocketlane’s utilization report uncovers process optimization opportunities, laying out a strategic roadmap for boosting utilization rates!

Enhance services through ongoing CSAT tracking

Keep a constant pulse on customer satisfaction by measuring CSAT at key project milestones, not just in retrospect.

This proactive feedback loop lets you refine your delivery process in real-time, ensuring your resources are fully aligned to deliver exceptional service, and keep those 5-star ratings rolling in!

Move your service delivery into the fast lane

Deliver projects on time and on budget. Collaborate with your team, partners, and customers. Without scope creep, stress, or missed goals.